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    iv been searching for a way of copying the sim address book into the phone memory, and i simply can not find any way to do it. Does anyone know of an app or any way of possibly doing this without having to manually do it???
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    someone's gotta know how to do this. I was looking to do the same thing for the wifie's phone and just gave up trying because I couldn't figure it out.
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    Could something like this help?

    Export your contacts, and then import to your Palm profile? never done this myself, but thought it might be worth a try
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    It seems what Audemars02 suggests is going to be the best way. Although you would just import the resulting contacts file into gmail or something else that supports multiple contacts in a vcf file and then sync that to the phone.

    I am not aware of a way to import any contacts into a Palm Profile at this time.
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    that worked Great. thank you very much

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