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    Hi Folks,

    Have Palm Pre Plus, running Plam webOS 1.4.5. This is a GSM unit, originally from O2 batch and now unlocked. Currently using it in India on Airtel EDGE network.

    I have followed the instructions given in article titled "How to Use Preware for Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes" here

    (h t t p) uploads(dot)precentral(dot)net/getting-started-preware

    and I am dead sure that the Phone is currently in Developer mode, Novacomm install went fine, and WebOS Quick Install java-application is running. However when I click on the downward-arrow button to show the Ipkg Repository Viewer, and select the "WebOS-Internals Feed (All)" as mentioned in article, I see several other applications/patches to install, but not Preware.

    I am stumped at this point, and don't know how to progress. I am running the latest version of Java (JDK actually.. 1.6.x), and the initial tests for Java went fine. I have restarted/rebooted the PC few times. No luck so far.

    Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this and have Preware installed ?

    Thanks in anticipation for any pointerss, advice, suggestions etc.

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    BTW, forgot to mention that I am running WebOS Quick Install version 3.14 ... if that helps.
    And my host PC OS is Windows-XP SP3.
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    You scrolled down and looked through all the listed options?
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    Preware is in the WebOS Internals (Pre) feed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Preware is in the WebOS Internals (Pre) feed.
    Thanks Garrett! Things are so much easier to find when folks look in the right place. ;-)

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    I would recommend using the instructions in the Preware Homebrew Documentation app in the official app catalog

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    Thanks to all who replied. I must've been really crosseyed (and yeah sleepy when I tried the other feeds last night), as I seem to have missed 'Preware' in the "Pre" specific feed.

    Also, @Rod, I think I was following the instructions in the "Preware Homebrew Documentation". I am not permitted to post links as I am yet to reach the 10 mins. posts mark, but I reached the instructions from a pair of what-look-life official documentation. Yesterday was my first day of owning the Pre Plus, and also at precentral, so it could very well be a mistake in looking at the correct documents.


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