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    I'm getting my 3rd Pre Plus early next week. My last replc Pre came after my phone totally died....

    Now my 2nd phone is having intermittent problems but is still functional. What should I do with my existing Pre Plus before I activate the new one? I am not running any homebrews but have purchased/downloaded other programs. Since I had to completely "re-build" my 2nd Pre (reload EVERYTHING)....I don't know what to do......will my programs but backed up & automatically be loaded onto my new Pre.

    I apologize if I'm asking a stupid question...maybe it's just too simple since the phone is automatically backed up, but I don't think the downloaded programs are backed up.....
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    Yes, any apps/games you have downloaded are backed up in your Palm Profile and will be restored when you log-in on your replacement device.
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    copy everything from the usb storage over to your PC to save photos and such.

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