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    After a year and a half of suffering with a bad pre, hoping a new model would come out desperately so I could replace it, it's sluggishness, inability to call, double clicking keys, and cracked USB port... Sprint replaced my pre, free of charge (do have insurance) I had a launch day pre originally, let me say there is a huge difference. This model is much stiffer (no Oreo), runs smoother, and keyboard feels much, much better, seriously huge improvement on keyboard. Keys click and just feel overall more responsive. I am now in ready to wait out the next webos device and carefully chose which one I want A's I now have no need for a new phone. Haven't even patched it yet. Not going to until 2.0 comes out.

    Am I loosing my mind or are the newer builds much better then the original? Keyboard NEVER felt this good (it's not a blackberry but it's much much better then old model)
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    I don't know if they're better honestly. I just bought a brand new Pre off ebay and it has really bad oreo. I'm not sure when it was built but I doubt it was that long ago.

    Unfortunately I think a lot of it is just luck of the draw. Sometimes you get a new Pre and it has no oreo and then it slowly creeps in over a few months usage.

    I am jealous if yours doesn't have any issues, that's for sure.
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    I must say, I believe they are! The bad refurb I have [that is about to get taken back today] the keyboard actually does feel alot better than what I had before.
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