View Poll Results: How many times have you exhanged your Pre?

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  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    334 59.43%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    93 16.55%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    60 10.68%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    26 4.63%
  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    19 3.38%
  • This is my 5th Time. SIX Pre exchanges. Wow!

    10 1.78%
  • More than 5 times. SEVEN or more! Geez.

    20 3.56%
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    Today is September 27th, a little over 3 months since my first poll...

    Since the launch of the Pre, I thought I would bring this topic up again and see if the numbers have changed after almost 4 months have past since release.

    People that have perfect Pre's and never had to exchange will have their vote and let youself be heard.

    If you have gone through 1 or 2 or more... then let's find out how many. If you would like to post and explain the reason for the exchange then that would be appreciated.

    Maybe in the last few months there have been improvements made and the numbers will reflect it with the newer users. Also people that have voted before and want to change their vote to where they are currently can vote and make themselves heard.

    I was really hestitant in trying this again because hard to beat such a great response last time and honestly have been surprised how people voted and have posted staying on topic and, I think, keeping it on topic so figured it wouldnt hurt to try again and hope for the same thing.

    Hope people don't mind. My old thread keeps popping up and people keep voting on a three month old poll so figured it might be worth a refresh.

    I ask the mods to close the other thread since it's gotten long in the tooth.
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    On a launch day Pre here. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but I've never considered exchanging it.
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    still the first one and everything is just A OK here....
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    launch day pre here, has some small glitches but i still love her.
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    got my first and only pre in late july, early july build date. it has nothing wrong with it that makes me consider replacing it.
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    I'm still on my first pre and it is working flawlessly
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    Bought 3 of them within a month of launch but I think they are effectively launch day versions. Mine has been swapped out twice so far - both times the issue was a hairline crack around the USB charging port. My usage pattern is different that the other two in the family in that I have it plugged in to the computer for charging most of the day.
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    On a launch day Pre here. no problems at all, I love my pre
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    1) Cracked screen
    2) Refurb with bad oreo effect
    3) Bad antenna

    Fourth one is good so far (knock on wood)
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    Thanks for the details.

    Quote Originally Posted by BulletT00TH View Post
    1) Cracked screen
    2) Refurb with bad oreo effect
    3) Bad antenna

    Fourth one is good so far (knock on wood)
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    I bought 4 Pre's. 1- me, 2- wife, 3- son, 4- daughter. All are originals except my wife who is on #4, due to oreo effect (3 times) sheeeeesh. All have home brew to one extent or the other and we LOVE our Pre's
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    Fiancee and I both bought them on launch day. Neither of us has exchanged.
  13. ayman86's Avatar
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    never changed but its not perfect
  14. urkel's Avatar
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    Zero for me. But that doesn't mean my pre is perfect. It just means I'm lazy and kinda stupid (justlike most typical consumers. This is why those people who defend Quality Control issues as a problem we should just accept are pretty heartless. Most users don't even know you can get things fixed, or live in a market where Sprint CS refuses to replace it and harass/blame the end user for the problem so they end up using a defective product for the entire contract)

    Anyway, I've got flaky usb charging, shutoff when closing slider, 6min boot time, battery door broke off, creaky keys and a bunch of minor gripes. I will get it fixed some time but sprint CS in socal are much stricter than everywhere else and I will lose my invisible shield if I trade for a refurb.
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    Still on first Pre since Launch, tho not sure if it'll make it to the one-year mark. 2 cracks on it (@USB and on the edge of screen), the Oreo effect is pretty big,and several holes in the first layer of the screen. We''ll see. . . .
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    Still have my original one...not sure its perfect, but its been great. Very mild oreo that doesn't really bother me and one dead pixel I forgot about a week after getting it. I never even notice it. My Pre is great, and I love it...sure, I'd be happy to see it be a little faster and am eager for some tweakability, but it does a great job and being a phone, pda, and web browser...
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    Launch day Pre here still going strong!
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    ZERO. Launch weekend Pre with no complaints.
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    My wife and I picked up our pres on launch weekend. No problems here. I've dropped mine a few times and still ticking (did chip it a little bit but it was my fault for dropping it).
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    on my third pre. first one had battery problem, and oreo affect. second one the keyboard stopped working. third 1 is ok so far, battery life still not too good, but i will deal with it for now.
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