View Poll Results: How many times have you exhanged your Pre?

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  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    334 59.43%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    93 16.55%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    60 10.68%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    26 4.63%
  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    19 3.38%
  • This is my 5th Time. SIX Pre exchanges. Wow!

    10 1.78%
  • More than 5 times. SEVEN or more! Geez.

    20 3.56%
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    My launch day Sprint Pre lasted all the way until October, when it developed the ability to turn on just by giving it a squeeze, which also popped it into headset mode, unfortunately. It also had the dreaded USB crack, but it wasn't affecting the touchscreen. The replacement is about as perfect as can be, except for a few stuck pixels. Although it was out of warranty, Sprint replaced it for a very minimal fee ($35), and I don't have insurance on it.
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    Since August 2009, I've gone through 7 (tomorrow I get my 8th) Hopefully # 8 will last until August when my 24 months are up so I can be rid of this phone once-and-for-all
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    I'm on #3.
    It SHOULD last until Sprint gets a new webOS phone.
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    2 for my wife, 3 for me. However, her headset jack stuck yet again and has sworn off palm phones forever, I think. It's lost somewhere in the house, and since it's stuck in headset mode, we can't listen for it to find it. Boy is she ****ed! If we do find it, I'll try the graphite powder trick. In any case, she is done with any Palm/HP product, just won't trust it again.
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    Swapped my perfect launch pre for an unlocked pre 2 on att in January - left Sprint after 11 years. Follow the phones not the dumb pipes!!! Swapping the pre 2 for a veer on att this week!!!!
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    Launch day Pre and one in October of 2009 for the wife, neither exchanged, both work perfectly, but we did get new batteries for them from Sprint a couple months back (free).
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    One since October 2009 (although I did have some major slider play repaired for free a month in)

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    I can't vote on this, because I'm between Pre's. On the day the warranty ran out, the screen started the 'phantom taps.' I've been slow to ask for help from Palm and Verizon, and this may prove costly. As of yesterday, the phone became totally unusable. This morning, I doctored it for the first time, but it didn't exorcise the ghost from my Pre. I absolutely love webOS and I absolutely was 'in love' with my phone before this started happening. Now I just kinduv feel sick about the whole thing. I may have to come up with an additional $560 (till I'm eligible for 'two and new') and have no phone in the meantime. This deal still hasn't completely played itself out. To be continued...
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    #4 Pre+ and counting

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    Still using my first and only Pre that I got in June of 2009. Has some cracks on it, screen is bubbling, volume up is difficult to toggle and I had to fix my power button. Still love this phone!
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    i think im on my 5 or 6th pre
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    I've been fortunate enough to not need any replacements. I had my Pre - for a year and a half, then I FrankenPre'd it with a Pre 2, which I've had for a bout 3 months now.

    The only issue I had with my Pre - was the power button had gotten stuck.
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    I picked up my pre on launch day. I'n on my second because my first couldn't swim.
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    Two ... a BB Storm and my Pre + that I got last April.

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    I got my Pre- on 7/1/09. About the time the Pre3 was announced in February it started to fall apart big time. Now the power switch no longer does anything, the bluetooth no longer connects, the speaker doesn't work (all calls are on "speakerphone" mode) and it's pretty much a dog.

    I got my first cellphone in 1988, and the Pre- has been my favorite phone of all time. My wife has an iphone, it's OK but it's really just an ipod touch with a phone. RIM got stuck behind the curve and, like IBM PCs, never really got back in stride. Androids have a good pitch, but the actual phones tend to be chunky and clunky and the tools seem less than professional-grade.

    I'll never forget getting my first Palm Pilot in 1997 and thinking "this is revolutionary." In a real way I wish the WebOS calendar and contacts worked like that earlier iteration of the system, it was brilliant!

    But here we are today, and if my phone dies before the Pre3 comes out I'm going to have to get something....else.
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    In less than 2 weeks my Pre will celebrate its 2 year birthday, still works fine, I love this phone but will be putting it out to pasture when the Pre 3 arrives.
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    Dropped my July 09 Pre one time to many and busted the screen. Warranty swapped to a new replacement in Oct 09 and going strong like the 6 Million Dollar man. Only hardware issue was when my 7 y/o dropped it DIRECTLY on the power button and pushed it in. A 1mm piece of rubber band and it has not had a problem since.

    This little Pre has converted 19 folk who are happy as can be. I've seen over 40 Pres IRL and still have never seen "oreo" except for that one guy who said "these phones are supposed to have oreo sliders and proceeded to twist his "perfect" Pre until he busted something and CAUSED the oreo /smh.
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    First the earpiece speaker went out last year after about a year of use. This morning, I found the replacement unit (factory refurbished) completly dead. Won't even power up on the charger (USB or desktop). No hint of trouble until this morning.
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    i think i miss voted....still have original pre and it still works besides the charge port not working....Touchstone works friends pre started locking up on him and i couldnt doctor it so he switched to android and i acquired his pre and used my warranty to get a technically original launch day pre is still functional.
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