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  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    334 59.43%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    93 16.55%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    60 10.68%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    26 4.63%
  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    19 3.38%
  • This is my 5th Time. SIX Pre exchanges. Wow!

    10 1.78%
  • More than 5 times. SEVEN or more! Geez.

    20 3.56%
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    I'm still on my first Pre.
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    My release day Pre- is still chugging along like the Little Engine that Could!

    However, it is starting to look its age, despite being babied.

    1. Power button failed. Fixed at Sprint store last year.

    2. USB door broken off. Actually I prefer the phone without it for functionality purposes.

    Keep in mind my phone is in an SPE vertical belt holster case when not in use. I am also on my third Bodyguardz front screen protector. Looking forward to ditching that with my next Gorilla Glass device!

    CES is my breaking point. If there is nothing major announced coming to Sprint, I don't know what I will do, but it won't be pretty.
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    Still on my original Pre bought in mid-June 2009. I did have to take it to the Sprint store last week to have the power button fixed after a hard drop. This was done under Sprint's device insurance and it was fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by papachange05 View Post
    CES is my breaking point. If there is nothing major announced coming to Sprint, I don't know what I will do, but it won't be pretty.
    I know exactly what I'll do. I'll get an Android phone like the Epic, look into metadoctoring my Pre Minus to see if can still be used as a PDA or some other sort of auxiliary device, and wait for my contract with Sprint to end in June to see what's available then. Maybe by then HPalm will have a tablet out; I'd be sorely disappointed if they didn't. Either way, I'm a bit down on Palm and have been for a while but I'm cautiously optimistic about the future.
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    My first Launch Day Pre lasted 7 months, when the Speaker failed.

    A month later, a bad keyboard.

    followed by two bad touchscreens in a 2 month period.

    A month ago, the speaker in the 4th refurb failed, and since then, the daily backups stopped working...

    ...and last week, the speaker in 5th. refurb also failed, but without backup working, I don't dare replace it for fear I'll lose everything the backup is supposed to back up....

    Yeah, I wish we had a desktop sync/backup/restore solution like Palm USED to have...
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    Got my first Pre end of last January. It lasted until I forgot it was in my shorts pocket and I hip-checked one of my doors on my car shut. (Why didn't anyone inform me that a plastic phone and screen doesn't like shock value?)
    r. Blown speaker & 3. Blown speaker/ spacebar that thinks it's funny either a) not putting spaces in or b) putting too many spaces in. Number 4 is in transit and should be here on Monday. All I can say is... the new ones get sent out extremely fast with all the necessary return postage, I'm getting my money's worth out of the insurance that I pay, I'm getting pretty good with Zagg InvisiShields and every time I get a new one, the time it takes to set up back tonormal (aside from app d/l's and updates) decreases.
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    Still happily using my original Sprint launch day Pre with no issues. Like many, would also like to see the Pre 2 on Sprint soon.

    On another note, would love to have the HP Mini running webOS. Just sayin'.....

    Happy Holidays!
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    I was on a Samsung Instinct. Got a Pre (Sprint) in October 2009, in August 2010 I had to have it replaced due to my own fault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirlupkelly View Post
    I was on a Samsung Instinct. Got a Pre (Sprint) in October 2009, in August 2010 I had to have it replaced due to my own fault.
    FAIL..( we want the details )
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    4! 1 took a swim in poo water and 2 others faulty hardware issues! lol
    Sent from my HTC Evo 4G
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    I am on my 11th Pre, and loving it, while my best bud is still on his first. We both stood in line on june 6th 2009.
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    I'm still on my first pre, since launch in UK.
    I've called it Chuck.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    I'm on my second Sprint Pre since August 2009. I still have my original Pre which works perfectly, but it got a crack from the USB door to the screen and the door fell off about 2 months ago. I got a brand new Pre on Ebay for $100 and I'm very delighted with it. I'm saving my upgrade for whatever new HP/Palm phone comes out next year.
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    On my first, no issues so far I bought it in October 09. I still had an iphone 3G in June 2009.
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    June 2009 I was still with my Treo 680. I got my AT&T Pre Plus in May 2010 and have had no problems with it other than lost/broke the little silver thing near the earpiece speaker and cracked the plastic case a little.
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    I'm on my 3rd since July 2009

    1st one had a faulty radio.

    2nd one was dropped on the top and the power button failed.

    3rd one I had less than 48 hours when somehow I dropped it again on the top and the power button failed. This time I did the "rubber band under the power button" trick and it has worked fine since then.

    Quote Originally Posted by H-Cubed View Post
    4! 1 took a swim in poo water and 2 others faulty hardware issues! lol
    I hate it when my Pre gets in poo water.
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    I'm using my one and only since 6/15/09. Looks and works like new.
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    1st returned after 1 week when I finally took off the plastic protector and discovered the speck of dust in the middle of the screen was a dead pixel.

    2nd returned after a year because of power button and USB port crack (replaced by Sprint to my surprise).

    Using #3 to type this.
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    I have a plus, i thought something was a little fishy with the screen, it seemed to be edge out on one side a little more than the other, so i returned it.

    Ended up dropping the second one, one side of my keyboard sticks out. Still works though.
    And my power button doesnt work really good anymore. I have to pull it out and then tilt it to one side and push in for it to work.

    I would replace it but im getting a Pre 2 in hopefully a couple of days.
    Current: Palm Pre 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    FAIL..( we want the details )

    It was totally my fault. I used a cheapy charger (I was on vacation and my charger broke) and it has some sort of power surge and fried the microphone part. I went to Sprint repair they tried to fix it, couldn't and got me a replacement.

    Both of my phones worked/work fine.
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