View Poll Results: How many times have you exhanged your Pre?

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  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    334 59.43%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    93 16.55%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    60 10.68%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    26 4.63%
  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    19 3.38%
  • This is my 5th Time. SIX Pre exchanges. Wow!

    10 1.78%
  • More than 5 times. SEVEN or more! Geez.

    20 3.56%
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    Fifth. Within the last year:

    1. Bell Pre - won't charge
    2. Bell Pre - bad earpiece/headphone jack
    3. Bell Pre - upgrade to Plus, now in backup duty, flat power button, oreo
    4. Verizon Pre Plus - sold unit
    5. Verizon Pre Plus - current
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    Just got my second pre today. The speaker for the ringer was pretty much silent, and the light sensor for when you put the phone up to your ear would also change the phone/speakerphone/Bluetoothphone/ setting, so I couldn't hear callers and they couldn't hear me, unless I moved to speakerphone. but, since the speaker was kinda dead, that didn't work so well either.
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    I got my pre a month after lunch and I've had 7 freezing, hardware issues, screen issues, not getting calls, sprint said it was device I beg to differ
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    I'm on my 7th Pre. The good thing is they let me keep all the batteries and chargers haha.

    1st Pre - dropped in glass of iced tea (which actually dried out by the time my replacement came...)

    2nd Pre - Had the dreaded "Stuck in headset mode" (long before this was a known issue.)

    3rd Pre - Dropped on the ground (had the Seido Innocase attached and the case tab was what actually took a giant piece of plastic off the side of the phone!) DON'T USE THE SEIDO INNOCASE

    4th Pre - Extreme hackery rendered it unusable.

    5th Pre - Duck duck goose

    6th Pre - Skip the pond

    7th pre - That's the way!
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    In June 2009 I was still using my Treo 755p. Got my Pre in Oct 2009 and still have it.
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    On my third. First one the volume up button quit working on. Second one people couldn't hear me talking. Third one's been fine so far.
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    Technically, I'm on my second. Actually third, but not because of problems, I upgraded my working - to a +.

    EDIT, guess I should add, the first one was only an issue with the power button.... knowing what I know now, I could have fixed it myself without all the hassle of BB's warranty program.
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    Somewhere around 9.

    Two for random restart/shutdown early before we all knew it was the loose battery issue.

    One bad USB port

    A couple of loose slider with intermittent ear piece speaker issues.

    One for bad touchscreen

    One for janky mute button issue

    I can't remember any others.
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    still on number 1 since June 09, very dependable phone for me, no oreo, no cracked screen, no nada. Patched and OC'D, my Pre meets my needs very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    still on number 1 since June 09, very dependable phone for me, no oreo, no cracked screen, no nada. Patched and OC'D, my Pre meets my needs very well.
    Same for me.
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    7th since July 09
    1 - oreo
    2 - stuck in headset
    3 - cracked usb
    4 - stuck in headset
    5 - crack in usb (i assumed this was being caused by seido holster- so i quit using it)
    6 - water damage (ins)
    7 - good to go, but....

    Looking forward to new hardware in the coming months...
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    Only my 2nd: 1st (Launch Day Pre) keyboard died, replaced 9/09. This one's been cookin' ever since. Crossing my fingers for a terrific announcement at CES, though.
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    Still on first since Jun 09. Lost my usb plug, that's all! No issues, no problems.
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    Same one I've had since launch day.
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    I am on my second since November 2010. Spider cracked screen issue. Replaced under warranty.
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    I didn't join in until July of this year, but I bought a Pre that had been used for about 8 or 9 months and have been perfectly happy with it. It's had some issues, like the power button thing, but that was an easy fix. It also has minor oreo, now, but that doesn't bother me.

    Considering that it took a bath, dried out and still works perfectly, I cannot complain about that.

    I even picked one up recently for my son.

    The only thing that bothers me is the lack of some basic functions, that you have to use homebrew to add and the need for certain apps. I'll be looking into a different phone, an Android, early in the new year.
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    I got my first one replaced shortly after the initial release because I broke the USB cover. Been on my second one ever since.
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    I got mine in September of last year and it still looks new and operates fine. I run it 24hrs also.

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    4 since July 2009.

    First - screen went bad, and didn't come back from making a call, got a new phone.
    Second - USB Crack through half the screen, palm nor sprint would take care of it so i had to do an insurance claim.
    Third - Small oreo affect week later got worse. Insurance said only 7 days of warranty. Later on the microphone stopped working. Another insurance claim.
    Fourth - Not a refurb, No oreo affect, still going strong.
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    On my first. Got it Feb. of 2010.
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