View Poll Results: How many times have you exhanged your Pre?

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  • None - First Pre and it's been perfect

    334 59.43%
  • Once. This is my second Pre.

    93 16.55%
  • Twice. This is my third Pre.

    60 10.68%
  • Third time's the charm. This is my fourth Pre.

    26 4.63%
  • This is my 4th Time. Fifth Pre!! Really?!

    19 3.38%
  • This is my 5th Time. SIX Pre exchanges. Wow!

    10 1.78%
  • More than 5 times. SEVEN or more! Geez.

    20 3.56%
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    2 months with my pre. Just a slight oreo, no lockups or reboots.
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    I've had no problems with my launch day Pre, and it's got better over time because some software glitches have been fixed (in particular, syncing calendar and contacts to the cloud was hit and miss in the early days, but then it magically fixed itself and it's been fine ever since). My wife's Pre is a few weeks newer than mine, and no problems there either.
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    bump 200+ votes, woohoo!
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    I'm on my 4th.

    1: Stuck red pixel in the middle of the screen
    2: Wifi quit working, self test even said it was broken
    3: Screen yellowing at the bottom
    4: far.
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    1) Screen bleed 29 days after purchase (Early aug purchase)
    2) Headphone jack stuck in headset mode on refurb (2 weeks after replacement). I was able to get it out of headset mode for the first week, thought I could deal with it. However, it eventually stayed in headset mode despite all the tricks listed in the forums.

    I just activated my third pre with my fingers crossed
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    I spoke too soon. Sprint exchanged my Pre for me yesterday. Occasionally my pre would lose signal and search for signal non stop. I would have to reset it to get signal back. It was happening about once or twice a week. I took it in and they said they fixed it but it started happening again. I took it in again yesterday and they ended up replacing it. So I am now officially on my second pre.
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    I'm still on my first pre, but my brother is on his third. The "oreo" effect is very prevalent it seems.
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    First pre had it's screen crack in a fan pattern from the center bottom button, while sitting on the counter charging, 4 days after I bought it.

    Got the second pre from Palm (had to swap it out with palm because Sprint insisted I had dropped my pre - this pre was perfect, no signs of damage outside of the internal screen cracks, and palm immediately acknowledged it's a known issue and replaced it free-of-charge).

    HOWEVER, my second palm arrived and is -so- much worse them my first. My original pre could slide open one handed and was solid, this one shifts a bit (oreo effect?) and sticks as a result (I have to open it 2-handed). I'm seriously considering calling them and asking for another new phone, this is rediculous.

    Such is life.
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    little bump would like to try and keep it current for a week to see how the numbers look
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    Keypad stopped working on the first one...Im on # 2 but the oreo effect making me wonder if i should go for #3
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    Got mine on August 1st from BB, and I like even more now after i figured out preware and filecoaster. I was worried about an "OREO" problem but I bought the nice slider hard case from the sprint store and all is good.
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    When I exchange mine tomorrow (later today)'s going to be my eighth or ninth unit.

    Screen leaks, random shutdowns, oreos, etc. Worst luck of all time.
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    I can't believe I still see so many posts of people still exchanging their Pre's so dug up my recent poll to see what the vote count was.

    I actually thought this poll would be dead because someone posted on a thread that they were taking phones to repair centers instead of replacing them.
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    I'll be on my third real quick here.

    1st Pre: Screen cracked whilst in my left pocket in baggy jeans while driving..***? Looks like others have had this problem with the screen cracking.

    - Had it for 1 month and paid $120 to get another pre the same day since Palm or Sprint don't care about this issue.

    2nd Current Pre: Opened it to text someone,tried to close it, and it won't close. I'm not going to try to close it hard since it might break...I'll just show them tomorrow and hopefully not have to pay......

    -Had it for 2 maybe 3 months? I have BABIED this thing since my last one cracked like that. Keep it out of my pocket while driving, open and close it easy.

    Crappy luck so far...definitely not a ******.
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    I lived with the second Pre they sent me even though it was loosy-goosy and poorly made. The screen however cracked again, about a month after my first replacement (currently waiting on the replacement handset).

    So I need to re-poll, 2 times, both for cracked screens.
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    I thought build quality on my first Pre (bought in first week of July) was good, and I was content with the build quality. At the beginning of October, I saw a crack from the USB port which quickly spread over the screen. To my pleasant shock, Best Buy agreed to exchange it for a new Pre! Build quality on the second one is probably not quite as good as the first, but is still acceptable to the eye. I'm babying the USB port and bought Touchstones for work and home so that I can minimize stress on the port (which admittedly is ridiculous to have to do).

    I like many features of the phone, but I'm certainly unhappy about that USB port build!
    Mike B in OKlahoma

    Palm V-->Palm Vx-->Palm m505-->Garmin iQue3600-->Treo 650-->Treo 755p-->Palm Pre

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    1) Speaker went bad (I work in metal fabrication shop - metal particles)
    2) Speaker (again) - plus it came with bad Oreo effect
    3) This is the last one for me - Giving it to my wife who works in an office.

    I've owned Palm phones since the Treo-300.

    I will NEVER again buy another Palm phone.

    I should have bought the iPhone like my friends but I have terrible coverage from AT&T in my area.

    Looking for a suitable replacement phone now... (((Grrrrrrrrrrr)))
    Regards - Randy

    Factory Five Racing - Challenge Series - Car #7

    Carriage House Custom Automotive
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    This will be my 5th. The 4th was bad out of the box!
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    First Pre had the touch sensor fail after a few months of use. The second Pre was bad from the start - low microphone sensitivity. It is, after all, still a phone and on the rare occasion that I actually talk to someone, I don't want to shout into the phone for them to hear me. Third unit has minor oreo problems, but otherwise working well.
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    On my second Pre. The first one I returned due to the stuck in headset mode issue, but in retrospect, I could have probably fixed it without exchanging it. I bought the first Pre back in June 09. It was exchanged about 3 weeks later.

    My second Pre is an early build model (it does not have the battery pad that was added to later models). It has no oreo, the screen is perfect, the slider is smooth, and everything works. It has gotten stuck in headset mode a couple of times (3 or 4 total), but I find it easy to fix when it does happen. I just insert the headset plug back in while Pandora (or any other app with sound like Music Player Remix) is playing, and then pull the headset jack back out. When I remove it I apply slight pressure toward the left of the phone (remember, I said SLIGHT PRESSURE!) so that the plug presses against the contacts inside more closely. If Pandora pauses, then I know I am fixed. Usually once is enough, but once I had to insert and remove my headphones a couple of times.
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