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    Jeez, you are having horrible luck :\
    My current Pre, which is a replacement, has a keyboard that doesn't seemed to be glued down in the center. It bubbles up and it is very annoying. And it sticks while I type and it sounds all sticky and blech. I am considering getting a Pixi just for the build quality.
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    Ya really bad luck

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    Getting my fourth today or tomorrow. 2 blown speakers in a row( and a spacebar that thinks it's funny to either a) not put a space in when I press it, or b) put 2 or 3 spaces when I press it, and I've never spilt anything on it either). One thing that I feel about the Pre that has horrible build quality, (and probably a lot to do with my own unnecessary roughness), is that charge cord. A nice flexible cord with a hard connector on the end. Every Pre I've had, the cord always seems to kink right there, on both ends. I get rapid delivery service, usually within 2 business days, door to door service. I'm getting pretty good at applying that Zagg InvisiShield. I'll have a brand new battery, again. Initial setup for my phone gets easier everytime, aside from the hour or four that it takes to re-install all my apps. Nice brand new (to me, whether it's refurbished or not remains to be seen). I'm getting my money's worth on that insurance that's for sure, so I can't say I'm terribly upset at all. Now if my phone will keep breaking right about the <4 month period that my "new" warranty will cover, I'll be pretty happy until I decided to get a new phone, or they run out of Pre's.
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    Well although technically not my 4th, as I just got my 5th today (as my fourth had a loose fitting battery, that I did attempt to fix, but still had issues, and really, that's why I pay the insurance, to get a phone that works that I don't have to fix myself to get by...... but that's besides the point) and BOY am I surprised at the "new" charger It looks like a yoyo, and I've never seen one until today. Upon further inspection, I pushed the center out of it, and there's the usual wall adapter, but the outer rubbery cord holder is neat, for lack of a better word.

    Anyways here it is.... I kept losing that little tie strap anyways, maybe this will work better.

    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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