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    my LED light keeps flashing and sometimes staying lit, and won't let me do anything with the phone when it does this. can't type or use the touchscreen. when i put the phone on the touchstone it stays lit and i can't do anything to turn it off. when i use the web browser, play games, or text, it starts flashing randomly and every time i have to use the power button to turn the screen off and turn it on for the quick fix. the problem is that it happens every 5 seconds or so, so i can't even complete a text without turning the screen off and back on about 8 times for one lousy text. and sprint is making me pay $100 deductible if i want to replace the phone. what a load of i've had the pre's back since day one, and palm's, but i'm getting pretty sick of it and i don't know if i can wait any longer for a new one as i've waited long enough (can upgrade every year and ive had it since launch). [/rant]
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    Mine doesn't randomly flash but will stay lit (or dimly lit) randomly and just tapping the gesture area corrects it..
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    I suspect it's a faulty gesture area like the ghost touchscreen taps when the touchscreen goes on the blink.
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    Try running the quick and interactive tests in the Device Info app. You will find them under Preferences. If everything checks out, then a visit to webOS doctor might do the trick.
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