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    I haven't looked into other smartphone -no contract prices, but that seems like a good deal for an entry level smartphone for a Christmas present? My girlfriend has some samsung feature phone that really isn't that great. We all know the good things and bad things about webOS and Palm Pre's. She still has two years left on contract, and you really can't beat the price considering there is no contract, or am I wrong here?
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    It's a win win!

    It's prices at a contract prices but without contract so it gives you the freedom her to at least try something new try out the community. No worries of trashing you upgrade token for next year.
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    ya that's what I was leaning on. Sure I'm a biassed user, but price/no-contract, it'll be a first smart phone as this was mine as well, bonus of having someone show them the ropes, websites etc... I had to figure all that out on my own. My first year doesn't end till end of Jan, beginning of Feb anyway, convieniently after CES (part of my diabolical plan when I got it.....(ya right ))
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    I will say that the Pre is not the most advanced device, but for the price of $150 it is the best phone out there. Period.

    Look at every other phone for $150, its complete garbage.

    A 1ghz overclocked and patched Pre Minus for $150 is the steal of the century.

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