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    right on, spud. Good to hear customer svc is still out there, albeit only mildly peppered.

    fyi: so far, this new pre is responding nicely. Even with 6 replacements, I still enjoy using this phone.

    my suggestion for an upgrade would be to increase the dimensions of the phone no more than .5" in L and W, but find a way to increase screen resolution, THEN USE A GLASS FRONT COVER WITH A MAGNIFYING POWER TO EXPAND THE IMAGE
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    to the edges of the face of the phone. So when viewing a video, the entire front would be image. It would look like you were holding a little tv tube in your hand.
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    My refurb pre was in a white box, but the sprint store sd all the refurbs were refurbed by palm. I don't know how true that is. I'm glad you got a new pre. Good luck!
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