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    insurance is a ripoff. The real question is evo or epic? My power button died today...
    Mine died a few weeks ago. First I suffered with it and used a Preware program to turn it off, and opened the slider to turn it on.

    If you search the forum you can find ways to fix it. I fixed mine by opening the slider, prying out the power button with my fingernails, putting a small piece of an eraser on top of the metal connector, then i pushed the power button back in. Took 5 minutes.

    Kinda sad, but it worked like a charm.

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    I only carry the insurance for the first year on any of my phones. I get a free up grade every year. I don't think insurance is a ripoff because it covers me if I do something (water damage, breakage, stolen, lost) for a reasonable cost. After that year if I keep my phone I drop it because it's cheaper to upgrade (even for a replacement) than it is to keep the insurance.

    However I'm going back to the original poster's issue. Even though you had problems you dropped it and it broke. That is all they see and that is why the $100 deductable (DH has Verizon and his replacement on insurance was only $80).

    But as other's said you can get one on ebay probably cheaper or purchase it directly from HPalm.
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