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    Is there a patch or solution to not being able to password protect certain memos. I like to have log ins, passwords, ect available in memos but still with a level of protection.
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    There are apps in the app catalog that have a password protect, just search for 'notes' and read the description to see what it does..
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    Classic Note has password protected notes but be careful to configure it properly. If I protect a note I can’t retrieve it because my password is corrupted and any note I protect is gone forever.
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    There is an app, but i cannot for the life of me remember the name, its a journal app that is password protected and works really well! I would look on my phone and tell you but im in the middle of doctoring at the moment.
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    The app Notes allows password protection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    The app Notes allows password protection.
    I second the suggestion for Notes. It is password protected just sufficiently to keep out curious eyes. Notes pages are also backuped into Google Docs. I use Notes for every day things like the my username and password to PreCentral, or utube, or facebook, for example.

    For highly sensitive stuff, like my bank acc information I use a significantly better encrypted app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luau joe View Post
    For highly sensitive stuff, like my bank acc information I use a significantly better encrypted app.
    There are a bunch out there. Could you recommend one or make a suggestion of features that you find important?
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    There is one called Dream Catcher, its purpose is to record dreams and password protect the app but it fully works in other capacities! I use it and it works great!
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    done with my doctoring.. sorry.. I use Sorting Thoughts and i have not had any problems with it, it works well and is password protected. just another one for you to look into hope it helps!
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    When I learned that there is no way to secure the native Memo app I tried Key Ring (in Preware) and it seems to be doing the trick. I just need a good, secure place for sensitive info.
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