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    ...with Palm and WebOS. Due to my GPS issues, I filed a BB complaint and VZW offered to let my trade my phone for ANYTHING I wanted. I've got a number and extension to call the rep at VZW corporate sitting here on my desk. I've been waiting and waiting for the Pre 2 so I could just trade out for that. Yes, I examined and flirted with all the Android phones, but simply couldn't leave WebOS. I'm not happy in the least with HP/Palm or VZW, but WebOS is just that good. Due to a glitch by VZW, they have my contract ending in 12/11 (as opposed to 3/12, which would be the actualy 2 year date). I've decided to stick with my Pre Plus. Palm should thank me personally. I could have ANY phone I wanted from VZW for a free trade and not have to get a new 2 year contract, and I'm sticking with Palm. Hopefully by 12/11 they'll have their mess figured out and actually be able to release a phone or two by then. HP/Palm, you're welcome. WebOS, I love you.
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    I had a similar situation today filed a complaint with the BBB got a call from verizon. They offered me a droid X for 149.99. But I just didn't want t so they moved my upgrade date from 04/12 to 03/11. So now I wait!
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    Hmmm...maybe I'll call the VZW rep I talked to and see if they'll just bump my upgrade up to the next WebOS device released in 2011.

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