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    Somehow my Google calendar won't show events on my pre. The only calendar patch I have installed is ubercalendar. I have removed it, made no difference. I have synced several times. Help.
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    Try removing the account and adding it back.
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    Has the OP ever had them show up? If not, you probably need to log in from your PC and enable mobile support.

    If they were previously showing up, check the button in the upper right that allows you to filter out appointments by source. make sure it is set to show your gmail account.
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    Remove all the google accounts from the phone, includes contacts, chat, and email. Then restart the phone and readd the account? Worked for me in the past when done in that fashion. Otherwise something blew up on the PalmDatabase.db3 file and need a partial erase.

    I thought yahoo was the only calendar that had the first time mobile activation? Dont recall ever doing that for google.
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