Recenly I bought Palm Pre 2 with WebOS 2.0 (Unlocked). And I found the problem with application shopping. As I'm from Poland I CANNOT legally BUY any of paid application for WebOS platform.
I can use Preware to download betas and homebrew apps, I can download Palm Catalog free applications but I CANNOT BUY applications from Catalog. As there is only 7 countries on approved countries list I undrestand that almost whole world has the same problem as me.

I would like to get some of those apps but how to get them? Both by Palm "App Catalog" or by Palm webpage's "Send to phone" service I cannot download and pay for apps when I'm not from USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Spain or UK.

Is there any way to go around this limitation?

And someone who has relationships with Palm/HP - please talk to Palm/HP people that this is not acceptable to send phones whith no possibility to add apps for them. It's so stupid!

Palm should add possibility to pay for and download apps independent on country: it's XXI century and there is plenty of solutions to sell by net (pay by Credit Card, SMS, PayPal etc.). Especially with such advanced system as WebOS.