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    Ok- I am starting to wonder if palm pre is right for me. The first one I had I dropped in toilet within first 5 days of having it- my fault but the phone IS slippery! It was ruined but luckily replaced with no problem. I was just starting to really enjoy my second one- I felt really cool when I finally figured out how to add mobile hotspot (btw, searching all over website for me got frustrating- though I love this website, it gets overwhelming finding answers sometimes due to sooooo many posts from people like me- best solution for me ended up being a youtube video)
    Since the first mishap, I have been treating this one like a fragile baby. Today, the screen went blank- no palm logo- nothing. It was fully charged. I have tried rebooting, battery removal, plugging in to laptop, webos doctor...nothing is working. I still can get a phone call so I know it is not exactly dead but what to do? I did add some patches and games recently but I can't imagine that had anything to do with it but not sure.
    is there anything else I can try or do you think there is a hardware problem?
    how does the pixi compare to the pre? also, for those android lovers out there can you create a (free) mobile hotspot on those phones (such as lg optima). I may have to jump ship since me and this phone aren't having much luck. any tips, advice would be greatly appreciated- thanks
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    Some people have sometimes had a problem with the proximity sensor, that detects when you are using the phone and turns the screen off. It has happened with certain screen protectors, as well as the one that comes on the screen. Do you have one on it?
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    1. Get a different phone if you don't want to replace your current one every X months, like many on this board.

    2. Don't use the phone when you're using the toilet.

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