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    as graceful as I am I have droped my poor pre on the sidewalk and done damage to the ringer/ vibrate switch. When I switch it to vibrate it switches back and forth to ringer and vibrate all by its self, none stop till I switch it to ringer. Does anyone know of a patch or app or anything I can do to help with this problem, I use the vibrate most of the day, any help would be amazing. Please and thanks!
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    same prob before here. Take it in and hopefully you have TEP. Quick fix for them though.
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    I do have insurance on the phone, but its 95 dollars and its christmas time i dont have the money to spare. I was hoping that there was another way to fix it for now.
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    Have you tried to have it repaired? Check out the following link:
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    Do the patch for media/phone volume in taskbar. That way you can just use the volume slider to turn down media as well as regular phone volume to zero. Which is the same as (and in some cases better than) the volume rocker.
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    There's always this too:

    Also I heard mode switcher can activate the ringer switch easily.
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    Thanks Everyone for your help, im going to try the patch till i can get it fixed, when i asked verizon they said it was 90 buck to get one, i havent had it a year yet, but it was because i did the damage to it. I dropped it on its head Im going to look at the web site too, but again thanks for your help!!
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    The same thing happened to mine. Turned out to be a small piece of lint or something that was physically preventing the switch from sliding all the way to the side. I blew some canned air in there and that seemed to remove it. I can put my phone on mute again with the switch. No need to doctor the phone or return it for a new one (Although I would love to replace my launch-day sprint phone - but want to hold out for as long as possible)

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