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    Has anyone able to get the Pre's backup app to work at all? Mine has been completely broken for 2 months. If you try to turn it on, it just spins forever. I just let it run for 12 hours and it won't turn on.

    This is not a problem with my phone...I doctored the phone yesterday to try to fix that and it didn't make any difference. I'm assuming that it's trying to contact something elsewhere (perhaps one of Palm's servers) and that is down. Has anyone else noticed this? It may only happen if you turn backup off and try to turn it back on.
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    Nevermind, I've been doing some searches, and it looks like this is an across the board problem for everyone. Once backup is off, it cannot be turned on again. I am assuming something on Palm's side got shut down and the phone is endlessly trying to contact something that is no longer there. Oh well, time to find a backup app.
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    You can use cloud storage for contacts, calendar and etc. via Google, yahoo and others.

    In Preware there is Save/Restore for apps and the Pre Backup Utility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    Not necessarily - if say you accidentally turn your backup off, and it won't turn back on(Constant Spinning)
    then you either remove and
    reinsert the batt, or resign back into your palm profile via a reset(device info), or running a webos doctor.
    One of these trouble-shooting should fix the issue. should fix the issue(Hopefully).
    None of these options have resolved this issue for me. In fact I have "doctored" my phone twice, but have failed to resolve the issue. Also, 'HardBeatZ' had posted the following in another thread on this issue: --> Backup App Won't Turn On
    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    If anyone wants to provide me with their palm profile email addresses I can check our servers to see if the device is automatically backing up.

    It could be just a graphical glitch that it shows it's not backing up on your device, but it is backing up on our end.
    I had followed up on this over two weeks ago and have never heard back on this yet. I think this along with the false 'update available' issue are both Palm problems, which they either choose to simply ignore or are unable to resolve.
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    This is extremely annoying. They need to fix this. What about apps I've purchased since the last backup they have on file?

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