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    Forget launcher pages or widgets for launching thing webOS does well from the get go is the Universal Search...just start typing and you can find any app. There are more than one way of launching an app...using physical keyboard, you "just type"....webOS 2.0 adds more function to the "just type" metaphor.

    Yesterday, was eating lunch with brother-in-law and we talked about nutritional value of dragon fruit...he had an EVO 4 and I had my trusty 'ol Pre Plus...using universal search, I just typed Dragon Fruit on keyboard and tapped on Wikipedia and found out all the info I wanted to know on Dragon Fruit on my Pre before he could do "voice recognition" or tap on his onscreen keyboard and "Google" it. In fact, I could "google" topics faster with Pre Plus with Universal Search and typing on the keyboard.

    By the way, on webOS, you can type certain keywords and related apps will show up...such as "sms" for text apps, "pic" for pictures, "maps" for map apps, etc.

    However, HP/Palm needs better hardware and more apps for webOS users. Hopefully, 2011 will be the "Year of webOS"
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Awkward analogy aside, what is someone going to with a Pre that they can't do with an Android phone?
    Run WebOS.

    Seriously, you may think it's an "awkard analogy", but it really isn't. He didn't say it's better than any other OS, he said she liked it. That was the point - that she found it easier to use than the phone she had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    You have 7 pages its just like having your launcher auto open, just dont put any widgets on page 4 (default when you hit the home button)and its just like webOs except you dont have to swype up. Wow i just realized that saves a step over webOs! Only put your most used apps on the other 6 pages then go to Apps icon when you need something rare.

    Ps. No need to move widgets around just be on the page you want it on when you set it.

    I love webOs but there are way too many other OS haters here. Remember its not all about you. not everybody likes what you like. Take me for an example I despise Fords but I dont believe they will go out of business or change things based on my opinion.

    No matter which OS is better theres no disputing that there are just more useful apps on the other platforms at least for a few more years.
    My Samsung Omnia POS didn't have that extra pages thing. Just had one page to display apps/shortcuts on. Regardless, I ended up installing something similar to HTC's Sense on my phone which made it much easier.
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    Good job!

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