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    I am thinking it might make a nice dock for at work.
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    At first i didn't think it was needed, but almost a year after having my pre i found one for about $20 which is much better than the original $70 price tag. After having it for about 4 months i can say that it is amazing. I seem to charge my pre more often which results in my pre not dieing on me during the day
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    100% yes. Check out the Verizon website. If you find their bundles, they've had the Touchstone on sale there for quite a while. I got the Touchstone and car charger bundle for $9.99 a few months ago. A couple weeks back they had the Touchstone and Pre case for $15.
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    get a bunch of them, perfect for the car, home and office. dirt cheap on vzw and right now.
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    I got a couple of the Touchstone bundles on the Verizon website back when they had the deal going and they are one of the best investments I've ever made! It was driving me nuts having to plug my phone in every night and I always wondered how long that little platic cover would last - I've read many posts on here of broken/lost covers. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore.

    The only thing that bugs me about the touchstone is the glitch where after the phone is charged to 100%, it continuously comes out of and goes back into hibernation. I know there's a fix for this somewhere in this forum, but it requires a bit more work than I've been willing to put into my phone so far, so for now I just put a piece of paper between the phone and the touchstone (cut the same size as the touchstone so it isn't too big) and that fixes the issue.
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    The touchstone is a huge reason that I will never leave my pre
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    If you spend an inordinate amount of time looking around the house/office for your phone, like I once did, then this is THE accessory to have. At least one for home and one for office.
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    I tried to get on board but the one i bought had the charge/discharge issue and i just shelved the idea since then.
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    I've managed to get by without one for over a year....

    - Jim
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    get about five of them. If you're gonna stay with palm that is
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    used my TS since day one of owning my pre. Couldn't imagine not having it. Since they are so cheap now I have 1 in the kitchen, bedroom, and car. I have only used my USB port once and that was to install Preware.
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    I got two of them, one for home and one for my truck. It was great not having to plug in but in the end after getting a Mugen 2800 battery plugging a micro-USB cable once a every couple of days doesn't matter much. Besides my wife plugs in her LG Cosmos at night.

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    if you'll want to take advantage of the 'exhibition' feature of webos 2.0, then you'll want to have a touchstone.
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    It's the future! :-) ....just look at all the Powermat ads!

    plug-in charging is sooo 20th century.

    ...I've got five of the little suckers. (home office, work, car, nightstand, travel bag.)

    They should be included standard with every webOS device.
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    I have 4 touchstones and think they are the best breakthrough technology for mobile phones ever! I use the touchstones as docks for my phone in the office, in my car, on my home computer desk and by my bed.
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    They're great. I wouldn't say it's a must-have, exactly, but it makes the device a lot more fun. I've got one at home, one at work, and one in the car. My Pre never runs out of juice. And I almost never plug it into a computer or anything else.

    If the one you get doesn't work properly, just exchange it for a different one; that worked for me.
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    Is it a default that all of you have it more than two, and there is?
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    I love my touchstone now that someone posted the paper fix.
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    The touchstone is a great charger. I've got 3: home, car, office. I use the Mode Switcher app so when I charge my phone, the bluetooth turns on and syncs with my home cordless phone and car speakerphone. Best accessory I've ever bought for a phone.
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