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    I'm getting the Pre Plus in on Monday... i'm just going to ask the "experts" what are some of the things i should prepare to do, and what i should do first when i get it?

    As far as apps, settings, etc...

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    You may want to consider migrating any PIM data to Google first, e.g. contacts.

    It'll make your transition that much easier, once you log on everything will automatically be downloaded.

    If you're planning to add other accounts to Synergy (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn), make sure your contacts are cleaned up too.
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    absolutely DO NOT put your contacts in your palm profile. Use gmail or another online service.

    anything in your palm profile can't be accessed from anywhere other than the phone. That's bad.

    what phone are you coming from?
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    My roommate didn't listen to me when he got his Pre+, a few months ago. Now, having lost his phone and waiting on the replacement, he is feeling the pain of not have anyone's phone number or email address.

    Don't use the Palm Profile.

    I even had my son switch his default to Gmail as soon as he'd added all his contacts.
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    Welcome to P|C and the world of webOS! Here's a great place to start:

    Enjoy your new Pre!
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    Wow! Great replies! Glad there is such an active community here!

    I had a Samsung Captivate, but sold it, went back to the BlackJack 2 which is now incapable of being charged (been using battery charger to charge different batteries) since the proprietary jack isn't functioning. However that also means i have to save all my stuff to a SIM card (any ideas of how to save it online somewhere or if this phone is capable of backing up to a microSD?)

    Anyway... there are some great things here that i'll need to be looking into and i pledge NOT to use the Palm Profile :P
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    The easiest way to transfer all your contacts would be to type them into a gmail account manually from a computer, as long as your phone with all the contacts on the SIM is still active. If that phone is able to migrate all the info into gmail (or other online mail service like yahoo or hotmail) then that would be easiest, but I'm not familiar with a BlackJack. When I got my first webOS device going from a SIM-based Nextel, I sat there typing in each contact myself into the phone not knowing it could sync from an email. Would have been faster.

    There is so much you can do that it took me months to get into things. I've had my phone since May and I'm still finding new preferences you can set and patches to change settings come out all the time. If there is something you think of that may be cool, do a forum search, it may be out there! If not, just ask!
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    shouldn't have to type them in manually. If you must put them in your palm profile, then get the prewareatch that lets you email all your contacts as a .csv file. That can be imported dirextly in to gmail.
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    My suggestion is to stick very close to this forum on Pre|Central. Follow their advice and you can’t go wrong.

    There are many things you can do to increase the enjoyment of your new phone,

    Hardware wise - I suggest: Touchstone chargers and Bluetooth devices (avoid the headset jack)

    WebOS wise – get Preware so you can patch and theme the phone.

    App wise – again Preware will allow you to load apps from the catalog and homebrew.

    Get ready for a really unique experience in mobile computing and I hope you enjoy your Pre Plus half as much as I do!

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