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    I use Alltel. Contrary to popular belief, Alltel was not completely swallowed up by Verizon. The FCC forced them to split the pie a little with At&t and some other carrier that I can never remember the name of, in rural areas where Verizon would then become the overly-dominate or only choice.

    So anyway, that's the short version. The upshot is that I have to get a new phone by January 7th, as that is the day they flick the switch from CDMA to GSM, and my current phone (HTC Hero that I LOVE) will stop working.

    On the upside, they give you a free phone that is "comparable" to your current Alltel phone. My choices are a Blackberry Bold (not gonna happen), HTC Aria (android rig almost identical to my Hero), or the Palm Pre Plus.

    My contract with At&t runs out in April, so I am looking at this as an opportunity to try something new with absolutely no repercussions - I wont be stuck with a 2 year contract or anything, and In April, I can decide to stay, upgrade, switch platforms, or flee to Verizon. So basically, if I want a worry-free, no obligation chance to give WebOS a try, this is it.

    These are things that are very important to me in a phone:

    1. A decent camera. Megapixels are not everything - but I do not want washed out pics. Also, is it true that there is no digital zoom?

    2.A great web browser - I prefer Opera Mini now, but any good browser will do. An example of a BAD browser would be the one on the Blackberry Bold. It's utter garbage.

    3. Customization - I use a custom ROM on my Android phone now, called CyanogenMod, with LauncherPRO instead of the baked in homescreen launcher. . I really enjoy hacking about with my stuff, and I like the freedom of being able to customize outside the carrier-pre-installed box.

    7. Google integration. I use Google Voice, Gmail, Google Calender, Google Maps, and (hopefully soon!) Google Editions. Push notification is ideal, but not really necessary.

    I hear that Palm has far fewer apps than the competition, but that doesn't really bother me much. All the main players have the big must-have apps, and I'm more of a webapp person anyway.

    So I am asking the board, which is presumably full of Palm Pre fans - what do you think? Will I be happy with a Pre Plus?

    Oh, and also - is WebOS 2.0 coming to the plus eventually?
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    I love the Pre+ though it can be a little sluggish at times. There are things that I've only found on the palms. Like, there's a phone feature where it will add numbers to short dialing sequences. EX: where I work, you can dial 5 numbers from any work phone to any other work phone on campus. so I set up my pre to dial like that. so if I dial 44000 it adds 33484 so that the number dialed is 334-844-4000 [information at Auburn University]

    1. Digital zoom is not all that. You can use software to crop/zoom any photo and the results are usually better.

    2. The pre has true multitasking, so not only is the browser great, it supports multiple pages. So you can have ESPN open, then goto FOX news on a new browser without leaving ESPN.

    Fewer apps is true, but growing daily. And there is less spam apps so it evens out more than you would think.

    3. There is NO phone that is more customizable than the pre/pixi. WebOS, patches, and themes make it very customizable.

    4. Synergy gives you complete integration with google gmail. I think the only gotcha is voice which is supposed to be coming soon.

    And YES! WebOS 2.0 is coming to all of the pre/pixi devices.
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    I came from the Blackberry Curve 8330, and before that, the WM XV6700. I have never seen a phone that is SO easy to customize. Gone are the days of downloading the kitchen and cooking your own ROM. Changing aspects of the phone is as easy as installing a patch, which is virtually the same process as installing an app. If you like to easily customize your phone, I can't imagine going anywhere but with WebOS. Just turn on Developer Mode, download WebOS Quick Install, throw Preware on the phone, and you're modifying your phone FROM the phone. Easy peezy. Quick examples of customizations you can do are: Add launcher screens, add launcher columns, change phone behavior in calls, add chat accounts (Facebook included), and many many more. All from within the phone.

    Palm is kind of running in 3rd place on the hardware side. I would like to see future phones get front facing cams and a better camera on the back, but I DO use the camera almost every day, and I've never had cause to complain. I would like to be able to change resolution settings on the camera, and also to change video formats on the videocam side. But, again, I've never had cause to complain about the results - they are adequate for my needs.

    The web browser is spot on. I would call it on par with the hypePhone, although I haven't really had much exposure to the fruitier side of life. Double tap to zoom in / out, pinch scrolling, and flick scrolling work well. No Flash till WebOS 2.0 though.

    Integration with Google Calendar and Gmail are spot on. Gmail Labels are handled as folders on the phone, but everything syncs up fine. The Pre will pull all your Google contacts and autopopulate your PIM. It will also do the same thing for Facebook, Yahoo, and I believe Hotmail/Live. Google Maps is so/so. I'm on VZ, so the GPS is hamstrung from the start, but you won't have that issue on AT&T. Google Maps on the Pre is nowhere near what you're used to an Android phone. We have no street view, and no turn by turn voice navigation. Satellite and map views are nice, and it WILL route you to your destination, it's just up to you to follow along. I'll leave someone else to go through Google Voice on the Pre - I haven't had much practice with it.

    One thing that a lot of people overlook on the Pre is that Pre apps are easily ported from iPhone apps. 3G gaming on the Pre Plus is absolutely fantastic, especially if you overclock a little bit, which it sounds as if you would. So, while we don't have the sheer number of apps on WebOS that iPhone does, the quality apps have already been ported.

    If you were my friend, I'd tell you to jump on the Pre Plus. The WebOS operating system is a breeze to use, as my technophobe wife will attest to. I've never had a memory issue on the Pre Plus, and playing Need For Speed Underground is a fun way to kill time while out and about. You get some funny looks from other people in line when you go from drifting corners to answering calls.

    WebOS 2.0 should be coming to the Pre Plus, sometime after the Pre 2 launch. I haven't read any different, anyway.
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    I am on Verizon with a Pre Plus and my best friend is on AT&T also with a Pre Plus. Neither of us have had any problems. I would highly recommend the Pre Plus.
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    Not only do you get all the wonderful things said above, but you will get support from the best damn community out there. We will help you every step of the way, and show you how to get the most out of youe experience!
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    You honestly looking at a biased opinion here in this forum but with the new stuff coming, I'd say go Pre Plus... I have used Android phone before and I like the hardware but the software can stand some assistance.

    To be honest I would say go into a At&T store and play with the phones and see which one feels best for you... people honestly get all up in arms about which phone they think is best but it really all boils down to your own personal preferences.
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    To try something new for a few months, go w/the pre Plus. You don't want the Blackberry & you already know Android. I say give webOS a chance, then if they come out w/some new hardware, you can make an educated opinion for your next phone. You should be able to see/use webOS 1.4.5 as well as webOS 2.0 (supposed to be out before the end of the year) to help make your decision.
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    I have to say that you should try the Pre+ (of course, this is a palm forum). It is truly amazing once you take a few minutes to use webOS. It definitely fits the bill for using the chance to try something new and different.

    The only Android phone AT&T sells that I would consider is the Aria. For you, it would be pretty close to your current phone - and probably bore you to death.

    Hopefully you have some time to return it if you change your mind. Once you get Preware on your Pre and overclock it to 1gz (which is amazingly easy to do) you will be hooked on webOS. Hopefully you will have a bunch of new Palm phones to choose from when your contract renews.

    Let us know what you decide, and post back here if you need help if you get a Pre+
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    Let me say I got my pre plus on verizon 2 months ago. I absolutely love it! I'm running 34 patches, have it themed and i couldn't ask for better customization. I'm overclocked to 800mhz, and the phone is very snappy. the UI is buttery smooth, and just feels natural. True, the app selection is a little limited, but we have angry birds so who cares lol. Grab the Pre Plus and a one year contract. you'll love it
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    Being a long time Palm user and an apple ******, the field in the art of mobile computing is clear. Palm has always gotten it right with mobile computing,the term "smartphone" only masks the other companies inability to make a handheld computer with cellphone capabilities while allowing the buyer(you) usage of the device as you see fit. Prime example I have a Pre Plus patched it to the tune 115 patches and still would be happy with just the stock device.
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    the 2011 ces show is set to start jan 6th. wait to see if palm/hp announces anything significant for the webos platform. then you may have a better idea whether or not to commit to webos on jan 7th.

    p.s. the camera on the pre+ does not have manual focus.
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    there is no downside to grabbing a free Pre+ now and then using your upgrade in April. I don't think it's likely that AT&T will ship any next generation Palm phones between now and then, and if they did it wouldn't be free.

    If you love webOS by April like we all think you will, you will probably know what new webOS phones AT&T plans for 2011 and can time your upgrade for whatever Palm superphone you you like best. and the Pre+ can continue to work as an ipod touch-like device over wifi to listen to music, play games, send email, etc. or sell it to offset the cost of the April upgrade.

    You have lots of good options here.
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    Rush, I have a feeling you are wrong. They would be crazy not to offer more advanced (and larger) phones in the coming months.
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    speaking of getting a used pre+ plus, here is a good deal:
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    Wow, thanks for all the great answers. I feel a lot more comfortable about choosing a Pre over an Android phone now. Now I just have to wait till January!

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