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    I would like to know if this is possible.
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    With the App Launcher visible, from the Launcher App menu select Default Applications, change Addresses to Sprint Navigation.
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    thanks so much!!! For some reason it still uses google maps. Boo
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    Make sure to swipe back, once you set it as default. Sometimes, it doesn't keep a setting if you just leave it on the screen and swipe the card away.
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    I have sprint nav set as default. If I click on an address from contacts it opens up, but other programs such as Yelp still launch google maps.
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    I think that's for 'contact' addresses only. Don't quote me on that. I also think that 'Orange/Option Button and Click' the address brings up choice to Copy, google maps, or Sprint Nav. in 1.4.5 webOS if you need the 'option' over the preferred setting you may have set.

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