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    So, one morning I woke up and my Pre (overclocked to 1ghz) was fully charged after charging all night. So I disconnected it and went back to sleep. An HOUR after awaking, I pick up the Pre and the battery was at 6% without any signal! I was like ***!

    I Connected the phone to the charger and restarted the phone completely. My battery died, and my phone just stayed on the BATTERY SCREEN aka stating it was charging. And. . . the worst thing ever happened . . . . . . It never CHARGED, it stayed on the BATTERY SCREEN for about an hour and then just turned off!

    So. I thought DAMN. My phone FRIED! or something.
    The battery was NEW, I tried my second battery, and same thing.
    So leads me to think that it's the actual phone that's ****ed up.

    Has this happened to anyone here?

    Or what can the problem be?

    Thanks for your time guys.
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    Sounds like you might need to visit the doctor.
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    did you try charging it on both a touchstone AND the usb cable? Also try the usb method from the wall adapter AND your PC. Also try a different cable. it's really doubtful that your Pre bricked while you were sleeping. More test are needed to identify which component isn't working.
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    Thanks guys. I'll try some of these advices when I get home. Funny, I never tried charging it other than off the wall.

    Catch you guys later.

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