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    This might be a duplicated effort, but I searched and searched and found nothing.

    I have had my Pre for a week or so - LOVE the phone. Only issue I've had was these random blocks of pixelation on the home screen. Swiping a card back and forth would accentuate them.

    So tonight I got off work and started reading up on WebOS doctor, backing up everything with Save/Restore, uninstalling patch by patch hoping to fix it.

    Turns out my background was too high of a resolution.(I merely copied my laptop's Wallpaper folder over to the Pre when I bought it.)

    Changed it to one of the included wallpaper - voila, no more issues.
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    Thanks for the info! I'm sure someone will find this extremely helpful!
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    Good point. FYI: If you want your own desktop image: use Photoshop or another image editor to create a 320 x 480 pixel image & upload to your pre: works great!

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    Or, view the image zoom into the area you really want as your wallpapper and then Option+Sym+P and you will have a nice just perfect screen shot to make as your background.
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    You can have several personal wallpapers and automatically switch between them using “wallpaper Switcharoo”, I would also suggest making your custom wallpapers a 320X480 resolution.
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