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    I was in my sprint store a few days ago and they still had pre's displayed (listed at 49.99). i was in to get a replacement for my pre, which lasted almost a year--the power button on top stopped working this last weekend. they ordered a refurb for me, which got here in a day, looks to be in better condition then i ever remember my first one to be in. But...

    I also recently purchased a Samsung Focus on ATT to play around with WP 7 a bit. Sprint has been very good to me. We've had excellent customer service. Love the cost of their plans in comparison to the competition, but we have a coverage issue in our house. They provided an airave unit, but we still get dropped calls from time to time and sometimes miss calls (they don't ring just show up later as missed).

    I am torn. I really wish HP/Palm would just hurry up and release some new, decent hardware. Not the Pre 2 rehash, but a truly fast, beautiful phone. WP 7 is nimble, runs very slick. The AMOLED screen on the focus is gorgeous. But it is seriously lacking in the productivity arena. Things like no persistent notifications. Can't set one email to play an audible alert, all or nothing. Alerts just tell you how many emails you have, not their content. WebOS just works....while looking like a dog unfortunately. Having to make a choice between good coverage in the house/beautiful hardware/less than fully functional OS and fully-functional OS on less than optimal hardware and suckish coveraqge (I work from home, so that coverage is important--but so is a phone that does what you want it to).

    Who knows. I have another week to play around with the Focus till its irrevocably mine.
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    I totally understand where you're coming from. H/Palm will have something new in early Jan, but what, we don't know.

    Will it be enough? I have no idea. I love the WP 7 UI. It looks silky smooth, having Word and Excel support built in is killer, but I could NEVER give up multi tasking. When they get that working I'll take another look, but by that time the new Palm phones will be out.

    Let's hope they're enough.
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    my sprint service center fixed my broken power button in an hour. Not sure why it should be replaced.
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    if you think at&t will drop fewer will probably be disappointed.
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    sprint has announced they are getting out of the repair business and just swapping phones like the other carriers have been doing.

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