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    Apparently my VZW mobile HotSpot data usage is counting against my 150 MB data pack to my cell phone. Is anyone else having this problem? Shouldn't smartphone usage and "tethering" or mobile HotSpot usage be two different categories?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    vzw counts smartphone data and MHS data separately. If it looks like something isn't right on your billl call 611 and ask cust service to look in to it.
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    I don't think that they do anymore. At least that is how it looks on myverizon. I don't know what gives with this. It IS suppose to be different and separate, but it's not looking like it anymore.
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    call 611 and ask them. It wouldn't be the first time a phone company had a billing problem.

    also, do you have the $29 data plan?
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    You are correct that it is supposed to be separate:

    When your smartphone is connected using 3G Mobile Hotspot, all data sent or received by your smartphone (including data sent or received by any Wi-Fi devices connected to it, or by your smartphone itself) will be billed according to your 3G Mobile Hotspot feature, and not according to your smartphone data feature.

    However, you only get 2Gb per month through the mobile hotspot. But heck, on the Pre it's free so I wouldn't complain too long or they might start charging for it. lol!
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    It's actually 5GB but I haven't even come close. For whatever reason, myverizon and on my txt message after I hit #DATA combines the two. I then click on specifics on and it says MOBILE HOTSPOT 5GB/$0.05 for each of the data notes and categories within my current billing cycle.

    Last month they were separate, but all indications are they a now combining them perhaps?
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    traefx - Did you call Verizon at 611 to confirm you’re billing issues?
    Posting it on this board will not solve your problem.
    If Verizon confirms that the smartphone data and MHS data is billed together, then let us know so we can note the change in Verizon’s billing procedures.
    I suspect they just made a mistake on your billing or you went over your allotted minutes.
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    call 611. Vzw can't change your plan or billing method unless you you changed your plan. Ask them.
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    My usages are separate on MyVerizon and by #DATA. Looking at the details on MyVerizon, the Usage Type/Event Description is "UNLIMITED MEGABYTE ALLOW" for the phone usage and the MHS is listed as "MOBILE HOTSPOT 5GB/$.05MB".

    I assume you turn off MHS when you're not using it. If MHS is turned on, all data usage counts as if it is MHS regardless.
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    @COS777 - That's not the issue. The issue is my MHS stuff is going against my 150MB data allocation.

    While we are on the subject of data allocation, I have been watching the details of data that is flowing to my phone. At night there are things that are happening to it that I am not doing, what gives? Why is data running when I have no apps running on my phone at the time? It's about 5MB or so at the same time every day.
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    Are you expecting to get 5GB of free MHS? I can see why the MHS counts against your 150MB because otherwise everyone would pay for only the 150MB, then activate MHS and all the sudden you have a 5GB plan for the price of 150MB.

    Actually, my MHS counts towards my regular data plan as well, but since it is unlimited, it doesn't matter.
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    among other thinks, it is backing up your palm profile (open the backup app to see the time/date of last run), checking for email, checking for updates, etc.

    I agree with the previous post that you need to close the MHS app when not in use.

    I also agree with the previous posts that you need to call 611 and have support figure it out. I don't think anyone here works for vzw.

    please post back what vzw support tells you.
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    I do not work for verizon, but I assume that your mobile hotspot data counts toward your 150mb data plan because you do not have an unlimted data plan. If you had an unlimited plan it would not matter if Verizon gave you a 5gb limit on wifi hotspot and not count it toward your regular data plan because it is unlimited. But with your 150mb plan it does matter. If they gave you 5gb for mobile hotspot you would have a cap that larger than your 150mb. If it was this way you would be able to keep the mobile hotspot so that you would get an extra 5gb for free. The 5mb mobile hotspot cap is only to limit the mobile hotspot usage from people with unlimited data. It makes sense for them to count it toward your 150mb or else they would be giving a 5270mb cap for the price of the 150mb plan.
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    from the vzw site, MHS comes with 5gb on any data plan:

    Any usage above the 5 GB monthly allowance will be billed at a per-MB rate. This feature is separate from your smartphone data feature. Please contact your account representative or log into your account through Cell Phones, Cell Phone Plans, 4G LTE network with the Best Cell Phone Service - Verizon Wireless, select "add a feature" and add the "3G Mobile Hotspot" feature. When your smartphone is connected using 3G Mobile Hotspot, all data sent or received by your smartphone (including data sent or received by any Wi-Fi devices connected to it, or by your smartphone itself) will be billed according to your 3G Mobile Hotspot feature, and not according to your smartphone data feature.

    the bold text is where it says that phone usage counts toward the MHS cap while the MHS is on. I didn't realize that, but it explains why my MHS usage was much higher last month because I was tethering a laptop and surfing on the phone at the same time.
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    Well folks, they said that it was a billing error and to keep an eye on it. If it does continue through the duration of the month, then we will deal with the problem then. On Verizon, they reaffirmed me that the 150 MB plan and the 5GB hotspot plan are different!!!! They have different allocations and allowances. They are not suppose to be combined into one category!

    I did my research on this before making the switch and I am glad I did because with the free monthly hotspot plan, this is a screaming deal monthly. Now, I just need to stay under the 150 MB limit (which is awfully hard on these Palm devices).

    Customer service, as usual for me, was awesome. They were intrigued by this whole situation because they haven't seen anything like it before at the local corporate store. Any other suggestions for ways we can keep data usage down over 3G in the background? Backup off. Location services off. Notifications minimal.

    - Jay
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    since we've learned thay phone usage gets charged to the MHS when it is running, try running the MHS app when surfing and see if that keeps it off your 150m plan.

    that seems like a huge loophole in their mhs plan which gives you 5gb.

    also, keep in mind that unlimited data is only about $15 more.

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