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    I looked but couldnt find this issue in the forum. I just had to get a replacement Sprint Palm Pre after my other one got stuck permanently in "phone offline" mode. I've only had the replacement phone a few days and had begun noticing issues with charging. Twice, I had it plugged in and was not using it, and instead of charging, it actually lost battery until eventually turning off. Then today I looked on my desk to see it in what I think is dock mode like it was on a touchstone. Weird thing is, I don't have a touchstone and never have! It had a black background with the yellow unlock icon and the time. I've never seen this in the year and a half I had my previous pre. Then I noticed it happen periodically when I had it plugged into the car charger while happening. The screen would be off, then suddenly the time and unlock icon appear witout me touching it. To be clear, it is a different screen than the normal unlock screen when you push the power button. What I'm calling "dock mode" does not show my wallpaper, notifications, the battery/status/date bar, just a black screen with time large at the top and the yellow unlock icon. What do i do?
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    Have you tried the Repair Utility?
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    are you using a stock palm charger ? Or some off brand charger ? Have you added any homebrew apps or added any patches ? Give us some specifics please.
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Or try this first:

    Turn it off.
    Take the battery out.
    Hold the power button for a few seconds.
    Reinsert battery.
    Turn it on.
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    I make it a practice with EVERY webos replacement or even a new one I get to run the doctor. Just dont know what maybe lingering in the webos that the previous owner had that the usual erases dont take care of.
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    Thanks for the replies. To answer your questions, I'm using a stock palm charger and the Sprint car charger sold for the pre. Also I have no homebrews or anykind of modifications to the phone. This morning I actually picked up my phone, it was fully charged, checked my notifications, then set it back down still plugged into the stock palm charger. I came back 10 minutes later and it had the black screen with the time and unlock, and when i woke the phone up the battery had dropped from 100% to 89% while plugged in and not being used at all.
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    so how is it working now ? Do you have a low signal where you live in the house . As far as waking up out of nowhere that could be the phone running the backup program while it's sitting idle . Mine does this once in a while. Or even when it checks for email sometimes it will light up the screen . Idk really .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Well today I took it into the sprint store. After the rep broke off the charger port cover, they looked at it and told me it was a bad phone and they would order another replacement. The problem was intermittent, but now it seems to be here to stay. It even randomly says its charging when it isnt. I think it must be some kind of short issue. The only way I've been able to use it is that I also have an old pixie and I have to keep swapping the battery to charge in the pixi then back to the pre. So frustrating until the replacement comes tomorrow.

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