Got my Palm Pre about a month ago. I'm quite happy with it. (Thanks for all the tips from everyone here, BTW) Everything was humming along smoothly with no huge issues. There were 2 apps, BAC Content & Concert Finder, which were not updating for some reason. So I figured I should just turn off developer mode & possibly update them that way. ****** up on my part.

Soon as turned off develper mode, phone reset itself, then signed me out of my Palm profile. In retrospect, I ended up doing a partial reset avoiding the other factory reset option given to me. All my contacts except for the 2 new ones I placed in the phone myself are gone along with texts, etc. You know already. Preware is gone, Dr. Battery, Internalz, & a few other apps I can't recall off the top of my head are gone as well.

1st dumb question, is there a way to restore my phone to the perfect working order it was in as of 2 am this morning? (I'm expecting a no.)

Fortunately, I used CL Link to sync over all my contacts. So that shouldn't be too painstaking a process to get all that stuff back on the phone. I'm more interested in the "why" & "how" of this situation, as I don't expect some nice, neat solution to get my phone where it was at 2 am in working order. And I didn't have any media on there yet, so I don't have to worry too much about that. Best believe I'll on top of backing up the phone via Internalz this go-around.

Any input/past experiences/solutions are welcome. Thanks.