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    Hi all, Have had a pre plus for less than two months, already the screen has broken, possibly due to my keys in my pocket at the same time I admit but hey what a weakness for a very expensive piece of kit. Does anyone know if the LCD and digitiser on the Pre is the same as the Pre Plus I have found a Pre screen on Ebay. The only visible difference is the gesture area (button on Pre) (line on Pre Plus). I could live with this if its the only difference. Alternatively a source of spare parts at sensible prices would be fantastic.
    Best wishes.
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    There is a spare parts thread in the sale forum on here!
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    Was it just the lcd screen that broke or the cover over it or both?
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    also think the pre and pre+ lcd and digitzer are the same
    i had a spare pre screen and wanted to take it apart just for the fun of it and maaan its hard to take apart
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    If you feel adventurous you can order a screen here, they are doing a half off before end of day today:

    LCD Screen Display Replacement for Palm Pre, Canada -

    Though they state it's non-OEM.

    And yes, the screens are interchangeable. I've read articles on Treo8 with people cross-installing Pre/Plus screens.
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    Need OEM Palm Pre parts? See here
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    Quote Originally Posted by edokassiah View Post
    also think the pre and pre+ lcd and digitzer are the same
    i had a spare pre screen and wanted to take it apart just for the fun of it and maaan its hard to take apart
    Its not that bad. Just takes a couple of tries. There is a guide on youtube and even more detailed one if you google around.

    Also this is the first phone I have taken apart and repaired so I dont know if its truely hard or not. lol

    to the OP. How in the worl did you break your lcd in your pocket becasue of your keys? I dropped my phone and that's why it broke. Does your gesture area light up at all?

    Try unplugging and replugging the usb. Do that while toggling the power button. For some reason this would work for me.
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    optinads is right. Take your time and follow Rod's directions and you'll figure it out in no time.
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    I love the internet, theres always someone who knows the answer! Many thanks for your replies. The LCD is cracked but the outer skin seems alright. Have taken the plunge and ordered one from Dino Direct in Canada at Half price- £40 UK. delivered. Seems a real bargain so lets hope it makes it through the snow we are having in the UK. Will post on the success or failure of this as and when. Again Many thanks to you all.
    Happy Christmas!!
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    Did you even try to get warranty work done on it through your service provider before ordering the new screen? I just got my Palm Pre's screen replaced at no charge.
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    Many thanks ToniCipriani I took the plunge and ordered a screen from Dino Direct It arrived christmas eve via singapore fitted it that evening screen worked but no touch sensitivity so I gave up and fired up my old Nokia. Took the pre apart this evening 27/12 discovered that one ribbon conector was one place adrift (had to break the little tabs to get it apart they were glued down!!!) back together now and working fine only problem is the round hole for the gesture area the Pre plus was a straight line So bit of sellotape should sort that!!! many thanks again and happy new year to everyone!
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    I've done replacements with the parts from oldcollectibles01 on eBay. Here's a current listing.

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