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    Hi guys,
    I need some advice. A few days ago my palm pre exhibited this problem of charging.

    1. When i charge it on the usb or the touchstone first time- I'd hear the 'palm' sound and the message - charging...BUT when i unplug the phone from the USB or touchstone, the 'lighting sign on the battery does not go off. When i try to charge it on the touchstone - it does not charge (seeing the power consumption via Govnah). but when i plug USB - it charges, but no sound from the palm nor the charging message.

    So what i do is shut down, and restart phone. The battery does not have the lightning logo. plug into touchstone it charges with the msg, unplug - charging logo still on, plug back on touchstone - does not charge. Plug into usb it charges..but no msg and sound.

    Any idea what is causing this? I think it's a service gone haywire..worst case i'd doctor this,.
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    I had the same problem, especially with the touchstone charger. After doctoring my palm pre plus, it got better. I believe it has something to do with either the poor design of the touchstone or the patches I've installed on my phone...

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