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    My Sprint Pre(webOS 1.4.5) started running like crap. It's been great since launch. All of a sudden it's painfully slow, card swipes are very delayed and jerky. Toggling from active view to card view can take many seconds.

    I can't be sure, but I'm starting to think this might have started after I upgraded to 1.4.5. Is that possible? There have been no other changes to the phone. One other change- I switched from the $89 plan down to the new $69 plan, but can't see how that would affect non-cell operations.

    I've tried resetting and it made no difference. Have same 25 or so patches I've had for months.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Have you downloaded any new apps lately? Or changed settings on anything?
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    do you have any real long text message convos ? or do you have a lot of saved text message convo's ? if so delete them and this will help they use ram . also do you have an extended amount of email messages ? or have you deleted all the trash emails out of all the trash folders ? if not do these thing once in a while and it will help speed phone back up. also , you can download the repair utility and run it on your phone. if it does not fix this for you run it again in override compatibility mode . it will remove all patches but find every glitch if there is one. another thing have you downloaded any new homebrew apps ?? delete them if so and restart phone. these are the first things to check and do .
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    You've done a full reboot?

    You could get jstop from Preware to check what's running and also run it's garbage collection.
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