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    I've got a Sprint Pre I'd sell for almost nothing. They have fallen way behind the other phones. Loved it at first but now it is like having a projection TV instead of LED. Too bad OS didn't have the support.
    I have yet to find any phone with as nice of OS. Don't care for Android or iPhones OS at all. WebOS is just one nice OS and WebOS 2.0 looks even more promising.
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    Buy Your Palm-Pre's direct at the HP Palm website. I was eligible for a "full" upgrade and bought one for $19.99 with a new 2 year contract. What arrived was a New in the Box Pre with a charger and a pouch. It also came with touchstone, another USB wall charger, a leather case, and car charger. Not a bad deal when you add it all up!!!

    I left Blackberry for the Pre. I love the community and all of the support. The apps are great. I've had it less then 2 weeks and it's already over_clocked and I use the Mobile Hotspot app all time!!!

    I have to say though that the Palm hardware scares me a little. The fit and finish needs to match the competition. At least the touchstone back plate is a huge improvement over the stock one!

    Over all though the WebOs is fantastic!!! I love the phone even with the fleas!!!

    Dean M.
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    Even for 19.99, I don't think it's worth locking in a new contract for a phone that's almost 2 years old. IMO
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