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    Is there an App that can group my contacts so I can send out group texts and also click on them if I want to call them?

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    The stock messaging app does multiple SMS. An from the messaging you can tap on the top to bring up their contact info and call direct. It doesn't CONFERENCE CALL, but you can join another call after connected.

    Is this what you are looking for?
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    No, what I want is an app that I can send group texts to all at once and from those groups I create be able to call those people, not all at once just one at a time, instead of scrolling through all of my contacts. Did I explain it better?
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    Like instead of having my phone groups and my text groups. I want to be able to do both from the same app.
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    Super Contacts is one I use, there are a few in the app shop.
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    Thanx for this post....I've been wondering if the text app would permit "group" texts...will look @ Super Contacts....
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    TXT Group is a nice little FREE app that allows you to create group text lists but you can't call people from the list.

    And, as a side, you do know that you do not have to scroll your contact list to find a contact right? Just use the universal Search (Just Type in 2.0) feature. With no apps in focus, just start typing a contacts name and you will get a list of possible matches. To make it even easier, Palm has always (even in the PalmOS days) had searching work by typing the persons first initial and usually the first 2 letters of their last name. So, for example, to find John Smith, type JSM and his name should pop up. Surprisingly, it has amazing accuracy.

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    Any other good ones?

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