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    Every time i use preware on my phone i get a message saying i need to restart and log back in to my palm profile. and when that happens it's not even a full reset as no patches are removed, but all my apps are gone. why would this happen?
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    A list of what you have installed/are trying to install would be nice. Also, could you try again while connected to the log viewer and post the output?
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    Preware does not cause profile reloads.

    Do you have another WebOS device (perhaps an old one) that has/had your profile on it?

    EDIT: The reason I ask is that this behavior occurs when your profile is on another device and it is connected to the network (carrier) or wifi.
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    Is it really "every time"? Haven't heard of Preware doing that.

    I believe the problem with webOS logging out of your Palm Profile is really a bug in webOS. There's several threads here and on the Palm support site about it. It would really be nice if Palm provided an option to log back in without wiping all of your apps.

    It happened to me once when I downloaded a new version of Internalz and the FileMgr service. I suspect it has something to do with re-starting Java, which causes webOS to lose the phone/network connection, but it doesn't happen consistently. I believe Preware may restart Java if the app/service requires it, so there may be some connection there, but I doubt if there's anything inherent in Preware that causes this.

    As someone else suggested, running webOS Dr. might be a good idea.
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    Have you installed the First Use patch before with this phone??? Could go into preware, hit list everything, and look for Emergency Patch Recovery, and run that. Also could plug your phone into webos quick install and look in the installed patches to see if it finds anything and uncheck them all then reboot. Just some things to try before seeing the doc.
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    so what i had was preware and installed from there

    visualboy advance

    add flashlight to device menu
    unthrottle download manager
    battery icon as percent
    delete from notification
    sms tone per contact

    I only posted this because I contacted palm who gave their official stand of, "don't use preware. it corrupts system files."
    I have had my device for over a year and been using preware ever since day one. in the past four days i have had to doctor my phone 3 times since it keeps asking to reset my phone and log back in to my palm profile. I have finally done a full erase, doctor and now am going to install preware again. I love my patches and I love the homebrew community. I know this can't isn't on their end. I just wondered if anyone else had the same problem. I also do not have any other palm devices with the same profile. This has just been making me very frustrated.
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    nevermind, it just happened right after i put it into developer mode. nothing but app catalogue and default pre on there. no preware or patches or even beta apps.
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    Good to hear it confirmed once again that Preware does NOT corrupt your phone

    -- Rod
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