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    A few times now my Pre Plus has frozen (wont respond to any buttons, slider etc). When i then plug in the power cable (either via the mains or PC) it wakes up with what looks like Luna starting up (palm logo). Has anyone else had this? Im running 1.4.5 with quite a few patches.
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    My mom's Sprint Pre is still doing this (she's had it for a year or so). About 6mo ago, this problem was thought to be a Preware problem (and then rectified after an update), but I have updated her Preware and put on Uberkernel and Govnah (running screenstate 500/800) and she still has the problem of her phone freezing up. Her notification light will blink, but she can't get the phone to come on unless she plugs it in, then it does a restart.

    Does this warrant a trip to the Doctor??? I was hoping not, as I've not done that before. I guess I could try taking all of her patches off and Preware off and see if it still does it before trying the Doctor.

    My Sprint Pre is no longer doing the freeze thing, so I'm not sure why my mom's is still doing it.
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    I used to have the same problem as you, jparnell. I did a battery pull and that seemed to have solved the issue. It hasn't occurred again since the battery pull.

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