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    My problem:

    Bought used pre GSM for 100 dollars. It was locked, with not functioning keyboard.

    I can't find keyboard replacem ent (not buttons, but membrane)

    And if now it can't turn on at all, is it because bad battery?

    Anyway, I am interested in fixing it for 50 dollars. Is it possible?

    Can you send me links where I could find keyboard parts? There are no on

    Is it possible to unlock it as I can see network lock? Can I unlock it for free?

    Don't want my money to be wasted...

    Need your advise and help.
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    Buy a cheap pre via ebay. They can be found easily under $50 if broken. Then follow this link to disassemble the two phones and replace your phones keyboard with the ebay phone's keyboard.
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    Thank you

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