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    I learned my lesson a long time ago on fits of rage and expensive electronics that I don't want to re-pay for. I had one of those Sanyo PTT rugged built flip phones that didn't fare to well vs. Thd inside of my windshield. Sometimes the power button works far better to silence annoying phone calls (ex-gf's) than physical damage. Same goes for punching things that don't punch back... ie brick walls... I don't think I hurt the wall's feelings as much as my knuckles
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Eagle View Post
    It's a '93 Blazer!
    Those things are a tank!!

    OP, you'll need a new case soon, you might think Otterbox saved the day but look at the tabs on the Tandem in a couple weeks
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    I don't suppose you are worried about some future potential employer looking up this thread via a search of your name, seeing your picture, and reading it are you?
    if that were the case this thread would be the least of my concerns but yes, the tabs on the tandem case are fubar... Wonderful. And yes, my knuckles are quite ripped up right now which makes my job that much harder. Anyone know a good case like the otterbox that still can be used with a touchstone?
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    This is so wrong. I dropped my pre just a few short feet to the pavement. I didn't leave it out all night, but immediately turned around to get it. I patiently waited for traffic to clear up, and as soon as the three cars in a row finished running over it, I grabbed it.

    The screen was shattered.

    The touchstone back no longer worked, even on my replacement device.

    And I don't even drink.

    This is so unfair, and makes Palm a total fail, right?
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    i think its just dumb luck... dumb of me, and lucky for the Pre.
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    Next time throw the 93 Blazer at the Pre instead!
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    I've dropped my Pre Plus on pavement a couple of times without any resulting damage. The only protection it has is a full body ZAGG invisibleshield.

    Never tried throwing it or having it crushed (runover) before, don't think I ever will either...
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    Mine cracked on the edge when it fell out of my case on the second day I had it. No problems since then, but as for cases - seidio makes crap! I have gone through two now. first one broke the first week. second one lasted about 2 months as I was very careful. It broke while I was removing it from the holster.
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    My screen cracked by simply having it my pocket, mind you it is an original pre. This is why an old pre compared to a new pre2 does not have the bottom button on it, causing a pressure failure point on the screen.
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    I couldn't imagine having a pre minus :/
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    Leave the phone, take the cannoli.
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    As long as you didnt drive that blazer home in that drunk condition, then all is well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradenfontaine View Post
    I couldn't imagine having a pre minus :/
    No more talking to exes, when you're drinking!
    Sent from my favorite gadget!
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    I love fun threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Well, at least you weren't drinking and texting! LOL
    You might want to check the message log to be sure on that one. And more importantly, the outgoing call log. I don't even drink, but I've been the recipient of a few ugly late-night drink-and-dials.

    App request - a sobriety test pops up when attempting to launch the dialer or messaging app after 11 PM.
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    The otterbox augments the "theft deterrent" feature of the device which just happens to coincide with drunken rage support
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    OK, your avatar made me actually laugh out loud.
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    i really wonder why you thrown it?
    was calendar again lagging as hell when scrolling, or was it another too many cards error?

    i can think of serveral occations with my pre where i would throw it *sadly*
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