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    Over about the last month, I have noticed that my original Pre has been experiencing a very bad battery drain. I haven't installed any new patches recently before or after I started noticing this, and I am running F105 Thunderchief which I have been running for at least 6 months now. My voltage on 1GHz is 1437.5 which appears to be the voltage it comes set at from the beginning. I have not modified any of the voltage settings from their defaults.

    I have also noticed that my phone has become very sluggish around the same time this started happening, but I'm not sure if the two are related. It seems like I am having to fully reboot every day or every couple of days to speed it back up, or else it gets so slow and seems bogged down as if it is being used without a break. Sometimes, it also doesn't want to launch certain apps or else it takes a long time to launch them unless I reboot, and sometimes menus appear to be sluggish when opening on the screen. It's like sometimes the phone goes in slow motion for a second or two then clears up. It flips through launcher pages very fast though and seems to do that consistently.

    The drain seems to be about 20% or so an hour even when it sits idle. It also seems to drain faster than I'm used to in airplane mode, but not as fast as when in normal mode. I've also noticed that it seems to charge really quick sometimes. Quicker than I'm used to. Almost as if it may have developed a memory and not have charged all the way (assuming our Pre batteries can do this).

    How can I tell if I may have an actual phone problem (hardware, software, or both) or if maybe it might be the battery telling me it's time for a replacement?
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    get the dr battery app from preware.

    batteries tend to wear out every year or so. That app will tell you the general health and callibrate your battery.
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    I will try that. I remember seeing that, but forgot all about that tool being available. Thanks for bringing that one back to my attention.

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