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    Anyone having volume trouble?
    My phone, the volume is keep turn off by itself!
    I have trying taking the battery off... but no luck...
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    do you have any of the patches that silence notifications during calls?
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    are you turning down the volume during the call? Speaker and ringer volume are connected.
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    nope. I tried everything with my wifes phone. Thought it was a patch but its webOS. You have to doctor your phone so start looking into saving all your stuff. It actually took me 2 doctors for some reason to get rid of it
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    Hi guys. I'm having the same problem.

    As I am using the phone, it will randomly begin to decrease the ringer volume by itself until it is muted. It's as if someone is pushing the decrease-volume button on the side of the phone. Not only that, but the notification on the bottom of the screen indicating that the phone is muted stays on all the time and blocks any other notifications.

    This started happening a few days ago and I'm not sure why. I don't have any ringer-patches installed or anything. The vibrate/ringer-off button at the top of the phone is set to ring.

    The only way I could get the phone back to normal is to reset it (Sym-option-R). But even after that, the phone mutes itself again after a few minutes. Is a trip to the webOS Doctor the only fix?
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    that sounds like a hardware issue. bit before you panic, a couple of things about the Pre:

    1. the ringer and voice volume are the same setting, so turning down call volume also lowers the ring volume (sure hope Palm changes that soon).

    2. Pandora will let you lower the volume even when the screen is locked. not sure if there are other programs that do that or not, but I've found random volume changes happen when listening to pandora with the phone in my pocket.

    If those don't seem to apply to your situation, you may have a hardware problem. It's a good idea (as a last resort) to doctor before asking for repair, because doing a partial erase and doctor are the first things they will ask you to do.

    Before doing that, use the "saved package list" to backup your preware stuff and get Save/Restore app from preware to backup your app data.
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    Thanks Cantaffordit; I'll backup my data and try to doctor. Hopefully that fixes the issue.
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    My phone used to do that. I never could figure it out. It came and went in fits. It hasn't happened now in months. I have doctored the phone once or twice so it's possible that fixed it.
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    This is a bug with 1.4.5 on some phones so keep doctoring till it is fixed.
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    I had the same problem. I popped off the volume rocker switch and cleaned with an alchol swab, let it dry popped volume rocker swith back on and no more problems. I remember reading about it in a thread but it didn't affect me then. I had previously doctored and uninstalled programs that I thought was causing the issue. It was a new phone go figure. I am searching for link to thread now.
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