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    Hi, I got a refurb Pre last month (Sprint) and was successful in transferring all the sms and mms (minus the actual pics b/c I didn't transfer the actual image files to the new phone). But since then, I've noticed that whenever I get mms, I see the text in the notification balloon but when I open it, I just see the pic and the text is nowhere to be seen. I could copy and paste and the text appears so it's there somewhere but doesn't show on the screen (again, only in the initial notification balloon).

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    A battery pull should only be used as a last resort to try to remedy a problem.

    An ordinary reboot of the phone can be just as effective.
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    I said it 'can' be, as in it does just as much for some problems, but not all.

    Even Palm says a battery pull should not be the first troubleshooting choice and list that it should be done ONLY after trying other steps first!

    Now, I am wondering what patches or themes the OP has for the messaging app?

    I had this same problem when I had the iPhone Icons No Dock theme installed, but not since switching to a different one.
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    I have the issue where I got the text from someone sending a picture to me MMS but no picture shows up, just the error "failed to download msg". I have a replacement Pre (not sure if it's refurbished, but assuming it is) that I've had since August 2010. The lack of receiving pics via MMS just started happening about 1 month ago.

    Reboots don't help. I can log into my Sprint Picture Mail and see the picture. My work around for now is to use the Pre's web browser to log into my Picture Mail to see the photo sent.

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