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    First time Pre owner - managed to pick one up for free at my local Sprint store due to EOL status

    Phone is running the 500/1GHz profile in Govnah, a few patches installed.

    Problem is, every now and then I'll notice a rectangle of vertical bars somewhere on the screen. Very faint, but swiping a card up and down will make it pretty visible. Also, up on the title menu button, well, it always has those vertical bars.

    Might be related, too -- in the Facebook Beta app the profile photos in the news feed are inundated with the vertical bars.

    I've tried uninstalling any patches I had installed that had anything to do with graphics, also tried dropping the CPU speed down to 500MHz, pulled the battery, reset Java -- what should I do?

    Here's a screenshot -- for some reason, the bars do not show up in a screen capture. Hopefully you guys can see it in the second photo.
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    You might be seeing the lines of the digitizer in the screen. With the screen off, if you hold it in light just right, you can see them connected to dot points.
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    Hmm. I don't think so -- it is visible even in completely dark conditions, and only in a few areas. Specifically that app menu button and about halfway down the screen towards the left side.

    Checked another Pre and didn't see anything like this.

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