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    Having some big problems sending picture messages (MMS) with Sprint Pre-.
    Do MMSs going through data or voice connection?
    I keep getting the yellow triangle.
    Does it matter if the phone is roaming or not?
    I'm in an area that is heavy Verizon and I get "R" alot in my house.
    I have data on when roaming, Network to Auto.
    Any ideas?
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    It can be caused by roaming, however, usually roaming on Verizon isn't a problem.

    Have you tried rebooting your phone? Have you tried contacting Sprint?

    I'm hoping someone else will pop in with more ideas.
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    Same problem here. Haven't been able to send/receive pictures in a week. AT&T is no help whatsoever.
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    MMS go through a data connection, so it could be because you are roaming (I never roam, I'm in Canada and Bell towers are everywhere)

    Call your carrier and check it out.
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    That should be a problem with your service provider not Verizon. As long as you have reception it shouldn't matter whether or not Verizon is heavily populated in that area.
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    What does it say when you tap the yellow triangle?

    OP, I believe you mentioned that you are on Sprint. I'm gonna guess that you only have problems when you send the pics to contacts on other carriers? Seems that most of the other carriers will reject any attachments larger than 1MB. Check out this thread for a relatively simple solution....

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