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    It seems that my friends with an Android and BB can get into a group chat on Google talk. The goal is to have several of my friends chat in a room where we can all see each others messages. Is this at all possible on the Pre? I dont care if its on Yahoo, Google, etc...

    Any information is appreciated. Thanks
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    if everybody involed is on webOS you can use the homebrew app Mojo Messenger. There's talk of it goin' cross-platform at some point. Sounds like that's not quite what you're lookin' for, but that's all I got...
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    A: No*

    *unless you only want to chat with your friends with Palm Pres who have downloaded and registered for Mojo Messenger
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    Group chat on GTalk?

    I didn't know that was possible.
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    Get all your friends in an IRC channel and use wirc.
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