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    Hi i know there are tons of post like this but everything in the post to help don't work for my pre plus for some odd reason or maybe im not doing it right but help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Okay so im trying to downgrade my pre plus on 1.4.5 to 1.03 but the doctor wont work it always stops at 6% then after its loading it goes to 10% and then says phone disconnected and after i was trying to get this to work for hours i just bypassed activation with the palm tool because it wasn't working and then i put preware on it and installed the unhide usb pass through and now its not recognized by the computer in usb mode or recovery mode
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    Why do you need webOS 1.03? There is probably a better solution than that terrible downgrade...
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    cuz I need to do an meid solution and I cnt find one for any othe webos version the n 1.03
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    You might try this thread to see if this helps:
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    well thank you I got my pre working again in usb mode but wat I'm trying to do is an meid solution on my pre plus .
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    I'm trying to replace an meid number
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    nope I dnt kno how to work it I have been trying to find out how to
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    i have an unactivated new att palm pre plus handset from US. i have followed GuyFromNam's suggested link in response to my earlier plead. now after running the WebOS doctor, i will require to runn bypass tool. however, my phone is stuck at setting language screen; although in one occasion it went to a screen asking to provide 'network unlock code'. i am about to order an unlock code from nextgen server once i could successfully run the bypass activation tool. can anyone suggest how i could get my phone out of setting language stage?
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    I kno how to get it up an running I jhus dnt kno wat to do after that cuz the stickys not really clear on wat I'm supposed to do till It gets to changing things which I understand but dnt know how to get to what he is talking about .

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