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    How do I make a link a click on link in palm pre messaging? The only thing that is click on is if it includes a number then it goes to my phone.
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    Are you asking how to make a link clickable on someone else's phone? If someone texts you a link on your Pre (correctly i.e. ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports) then it should be clickable right there in the text. If you wish to send a link you just text the site or link and it should show up as being clickable (depending on the type of phone they have) on theirs as well.

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    It seems that as long as you type a full qualified domain name (www. something .com) it will make it a link. But what is strange, is that if you type anything else after it, it won't become a link.
    Code:  -  will become a link blah - will NOT

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    They didn't ask how to click a link, they're having trouble with them not being clickable.
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