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    Hi there,

    Some of you may know me. I've sold a lot of unlocked Pre's to P|C forum members, especially in Australia .

    I've had to send in my Pre to the UK for repair, because it had what we call in Spain "una pantalla bailarina". You've guessed it; my screen just does what it wants, whenever it wants to.

    I shipped it end of October, and it's still not fixed!

    Palm claims they require certain software to fix this, which is not yet available. I've asked them what this means, but get no answer AT ALL. Of course the person giving me the answer, probably doesn't know why, and got the answer from someone who does know, but they two don't communicate very well (what's new?).

    They now claim it's a problem with the Spanish software. I personally have never heard of such a language dependent software issue, and frankly have trouble believing them.

    Any of you experiencing similar issues with Palm Tech and the UK Repair Center?

    David Gomez
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    No Pre returned, no e-mail sent, nothing... They always say the same and don't give me a date... Still waiting...
    David Gomez

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